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Ticket Types

Early bird Tickets

1. Early bird weekend + Camping 2 dagen (Sold Out) 67,50
2. Early bird weekend zonder Camping    (Sold out) 47,50

Pre sale Tickets

1. Presale weekend + camping 2 dagen (Beschikbaar)

2. Presale weekend zonder camping (Beschikbaar) €55
3. Presale vrijdag 19 juli (Beschikbaar) €29,50
4. Presale Zaterdag 20 juli (Beschikbaar) €37,50

Muntjes tickets

1. Muntjes 25 + 5 gratis (Beschikbaar) €95

Camper tickets

1. Camper + stroom aansluiting Max 4 personen (Zonder entree) (Beschikbaar)


We Can’t Wait To See You At Rastaplas Festival

Een Wereld van Muziek en Cultuur

Dive into the vibrant world of Rastaplas, a festival that every year transforms the beach of Zoetermeer into a vibrant center of reggae and dub. Rastaplas is all about bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, united by the love of music and sense of community. The festival offers a stage to both established international headliners and emerging local talent, allowing visitors to enjoy a rich mix of classic and modern reggae sounds.


Explore Unique Scenes Of The Festival

Rastaplas is not just a festival, it is a journey of discovery where every corner, every sound and every encounter promises a new adventure. This festival invites you to immerse yourself in a world where music and culture merge seamlessly. It's not just about listening to the enchanting rhythms of reggae and dub, but about experiencing a rich tapestry of experiences.