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Performers At Our Main Stage


The LDE Band

FR 19 JULY 18.00

The LDE BAND consists of a group of professionals who share the same love: the music of Lucky Dube. The band is like a family and has made it their mission to continue spreading Lucky Dube's music and loving thoughts. The band previously performed at our warm up party 'on the move' and will now open our 2024 festival edition. Buy your tickets now!



FR 19 JULY 20.15

GROUNDATION, a top reggae act for more than 20 years, is a Californian band formed around singer Harrison Stafford. Stafford again selected top musicians from American universities. This generation brings together their talent and passion for music in a unique mix of reggae and jazz, with which they have won thousands of fans worldwide. During their tour they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album with a special tribute. This year they will only give one festival show in the Netherlands, exclusively at Rastaplas!


Unlisted fanatic

FR 19 JULY 22.00

Het U.F.O. collectief onder aanvoering van Unlisted Fanatic The U.F.O. collective, led by Unlisted Fanatic, will enrich Rastaplas with an energetic dub show featuring pumping basses. They have previously played in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, and in their own Belgium, they have performed at festivals like Dour, Reggae Geel, and this summer they are also appearing at the renowned Colour Cafe. Together with the Moonshine Horns and singer Marijah, they continue to explore the boundaries of the dub genre and beyond by integrating Afro, Ethiopian, and jazz influences into a versatile show. Get your dancing shoes on! Ze speelden eerder al in Italië, Spanje, Frankrijk en Duitsland en in hun eigen Belgie speelden ze al op festivals als Dour, op Reggae Geel en staan ze deze zomer ook op het vermaarde Colour Cafe. Samen met de Moonshine Horns en zangeres Marijah blijven ze de grenzen van het dubgenre en daarbuiten verkennen door ook afro-,ethio- en jazzinvloeden te integreren in een veelzijdige show. Trek je dansschoenen maar aan!


Kenny B.

SA 20 JULY 14.30

Thank Kenny. The opening act of Saturday! ☀ From the jungles of Suriname 🇸🇷 to Paramaribo, and from Paramaribo to the Netherlands. From fifteen number 1 hits in Suriname to the monster hit 'Parijs' in the Netherlands. Kenny B was already a well-known figure in Suriname with over ten number 1 hits. What not everyone knows is that this pure musician has many great reggae tunes in his repertoire, and he will perform these along with his hits at the Rastaplas Festival! He has been singing since he was eight, in English, Aukan, Sranantongo, and now in Dutch. 'The switch to Dutch has always been on my mind, but I kept it at bay for a long time. With 'Parijs,' Kenny B became the first Dutch artist to achieve 1 million Spotify streams in one week.

Omar Perry

Omar Perry

SA 20 JULY 16.30

What a beautiful day this will be no words to say. Omar Perry, son of the legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry, has been walking the tightrope between old and new in the Reggae world since 2007. Raised and formed in the heyday of the Black Ark, many old guys will recognize the voice and sound of his father, but on the more modern tracks sometimes also that of Jah Mason or Warrior King in Omar's music. In addition to his own work, Omar will also perform a tribute to his father during the performance.

Line Up

The gentleman's Dub Club

SA 20 JULY 19.00

Modern variant of reggae, ska and dub. A very thick bass sound combined with very tight musicians and an engaging frontman provide a banging live show. The tracks from Gentleman's Dub Club are often heard on various radio stations (including BBC 1). The latest albums 'Dubtopia', 'Lost in Space', 'Down to Earth' and the recent 'On a Mission' were released by the renowned reggae label Easy Star Records and received positive reactions worldwide. Gentleman's Dub Club is the ultimate live sensation and is often the big surprise at festivals. Wear your suit, suit everyone!

Our Dub Sound Systems


Youth & Truth

Youth & Truth Soundsystem

A spiritual roots reggae sound system from West Flanders, which has been spreading the truth for young people since 2005. Because today's children are tomorrow's adults, Youth & Truth aims to raise them with love and awareness. To ensure that their message is properly conveyed and felt, they built their own sound system at the end of 2010. They have hosted many sessions (such as Dub Down Babylon, Stand Firm, Dubwise Kulture), inviting sound systems and producers from near and far. In 2014, they founded their own record label, called “Youth & Truth Music”, and released their first vinyl record. The twelve inch featuring Danny Red's “Rasta We Rasta” became a hit in the sound system scene. Expect an in-depth sound system experience, with a focus on the message in the music. One Love.


Kibir La Amlak

FR 19 JULY 19.00 – 21:00

Kibir La Amlak is a live dub show, record label, studio and sound system based in London, UK, founded by Jamie “JT” Thomas in 2009. After a decade of worldwide festival performances, club events, numerous tours and an ever expanding list of titles in the discography Kibir La Amlak has become a household name in the world of roots reggae and dub.


king shiloh

King Shiloh Sound System

Be ready for an unforgettable experience with King Shiloh Soundsystem from Amsterdam, with one of Europe's best and leading sound systems. Since their founding in 1991, they have built up a great international reputation with their roots reggae & dub sound. Known as the traveling sound system, they have traveled more distance than any other European sound system. Their sessions regularly sell out across Europe, from the Netherlands to France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and the UK. This year, in addition to their own crew, they will also come with various guest singers and DJs to reinforce the real Jamaican sound system culture. Don't miss the chance to experience their deep vibes at the Rastaplas Festival in Zoetermeer. Come and feel the power of the King Shiloh System in your bones. All day Saturday at the dub Area. One love.

Our Work Shop

Repair Kids

Discover the magic of creativity at Repair Kids, a special zone on Rastaplas where children can give free rein to their imagination. Here they can tinker with computers and all kinds of other materials, and learn how to put things together and repair them. It is a playful and educational space that inspires young minds to discover, create and learn, all in the energetic atmosphere of the festival.

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