Experience the reggae revolution at Rastaplas! Dive into a sea of ​​beats and vibes on the Zoetermeer beach, where reggae mixes with new sounds – a must-visit for every music lover

Yet nights of sleep🎉

Get Ready To Feel The Vibe

Experience the magic of Rastaplas, where top artists and a dynamic vibe merge in a musical spectacle of reggae and dub. Nestled on the idyllic beach of Zoetermeer, this festival is more than an event; it is a cultural melting pot where music, passion and diversity come together. Each act, from world-famous names to emerging local talent, has been carefully chosen to provide an unforgettable experience.

Feel the energy and be carried away by powerful performances that resonate with the soul. Rastaplas is a celebration of life, a place where stories and friendships are created against the backdrop of the most exciting reggae sound. Prepare for a weekend full of unexpected discoveries and pure musical joy, in an environment that invites both dancing and deep connection. Rastaplas is not just a festival, it is an experience that fills your heart with warmth and your mind with indelible memories.






FR 19 JULY 20.15

GROUNDATION, a top reggae act for more than 20 years, is a Californian band formed around singer Harrison Stafford. Stafford again selected top musicians from American universities. This generation brings together their talent and passion for music in a unique mix of reggae and jazz, with which they have won thousands of fans worldwide. During their tour they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album with a special tribute. This year they will only give one festival show in the Netherlands, exclusively at Rastaplas!


The gentleman's Dub Club

SA 20 JULY 19.00

Modern variant of reggae, ska and dub. A very thick bass sound combined with very tight musicians and an engaging frontman provide a banging live show. The tracks from Gentleman's Dub Club are often heard on various radio stations (including BBC 1). The latest albums 'Dubtopia', 'Lost in Space', 'Down to Earth' and the recent 'On a Mission' were released by the renowned reggae label Easy Star Records and received positive reactions worldwide. Gentleman's Dub Club is the ultimate live sensation and is often the big surprise at festivals. Wear your suit, suit everyone!


Dub The Night Away!

And then there is the Dub Arena, an indispensable part of Rastaplas, where the 'thick' sound systems rule. Here the essence of dub comes to life with deep bass and echoing rhythms that you feel to your core. The Arena is a hotbed of innovation and experiment, where local and international DJs and artists perform their skills on systems that are so powerful that they shake the ground under your feet. This place is a true paradise for lovers of the pure, unfiltered dub experience, where the music is not only heard, but also felt. The Dub Arena is the beating heart of Rastaplas, a place where the music fills the air and every beat is an echo of the reggae soul.


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